Chasing without Pecking


6 Years
Mar 7, 2013
I have a flock of 5 pullets I raised from chicks (all different breeds - 6 months old) and recently added a 2 yr old Modern Game bantam. Everyone has accepted the little girl except for one of my D'Uccles. She chases the modern game but never pecks her. What is this all about, and what can I do to stop it?
If they are both pullets, probably a dominance thing from the d'Uccle telling the game to stay out of her way. If the d'Uccle is the only one causing problems you could try locking her up for a day or two to give the game time to get more established in the flock. You are sure the d'Uccle is a pullet and not a rooster?
Yes, she is a pullet. That's what we were planning on doing. We had done the same thing with our EE, and she is much more pleasant now... guess it's time for "Pepper" to go into time out! ;-)

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