Chat Room Scares Me!


Chicken Sensei
12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
Marysville, OH
I am so totally intimidated by chat rooms! I have never picked up the knack for the quick flow of chatting that everyone else seems to be comfortable with. I go in there for 2 seconds and straight back out. What's wrong with me?

Just go in and have fun. Its fast but you will get the hang of it
. I dont go in just in case someone needs advice on the board I am here to help. Alsot the chat seems to get laggy when 12 or more people are in
You have to get used to reading fast chat. Seriously. It becomes a learned skill. Come on and try it out when it is slow. You'll get faster in your typing and reading after a while.
Yeah, the laggy part always gets me and then I feel like I'm lost and behind and all that. Oh, and thanks roosters97, that's one of the reasons I feel intimidated.
You dont need to feel intimidated. Go in and have fun like missprissy says and you will make friends fast in there
. I used to love going into chat and I know you will to. Its lots of fun.

Hint: late morning to noon time is the best because its usually 7 members or less
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Oh come on! We don't bite! It won't be that many more mornings I'll have to even be in chat. The warmer weather is calling me out to my veggie and herb gardens.

And as far as 8am - you people sleep too late. We are there at 6 am LOL

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