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    The whole thing is a bit nauseating, but the guy who goes on about how everyone in the world cheats so quit making a big deal out of nothing... is that seriously what he believes

    Good news that 75% have already fessed up, will take the ethics course, and still graduate.
    But that other 25%... what are they stupid on top of dishonest? He knows who you are!
    Morons... they don't deserve to graduate and be let loose in the business world.

    Overall, I'm with the professor on this one... physically ill... but I think it is REALLY cool of him to offer these kids a chance at redemption, and graduation. He didn't have to do that. Considering how much this hurt, and you can see it on his face, I would understand completely if he wanted the book thrown at them.
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    I watched about this on GMA this morning and was appauled at the one student that they talked to that said "everyone lies and cheats in life" I wonder how proud his parents are of him after that.

    I am with the professor on this, though I am not sure that I would give them the opportunity to fess up and retake the test. Yes, that sounds harsh, but none of my teachers would have let me take a test that I cheated on.
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    Wow, that kid Konstantin just blew his chances at a good job. What a dumb jerk. My guess sis his parents probably have the same set of values. [​IMG]

    I think they are getting off easy, quite frankly. Fess up and graduate, or don't.
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    As I meet people with college degrees, I often wonder how many of them have gotten the degree by cheating their way through high school and college. I know that the guy that has been directing the company that DH works for was a really bad engineer that was promoted to CEO, because the head guy in another country could control him completely. The poor boss here doesn't seem to have the smarts it takes to run a company profitably even when the economy was good. So I wonder how was he able to get an engineering degree? I also know the head HR took 20 years to get a 2 year degree. I figure that she didn't cheat, but was necessarily the smartest in the group that she graduated with. As far as I can tell my DD didn't cheat to get her BS this year. She was homeschooled and knew that if you cheated, you were only cheating yourself. I don't have a college degree, and I am often shocked to find myself smarter than people that have their degrees. It makes me curious for sure.
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    I think a lot of kids see what's going on everywhere in the business world. Every time you turn around, someone is getting busted for dishonesty. They see these people are millionaires and figure that's how you get ahead. Cheating the system. They probably have parents that cheat on their taxes and boast about it to the kids.

    It's too bad.
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    Quote:What kids see is that people lied, cheated and stole and got rich.
    People played by the rules, saved and lived within their means got shafted.
    The people who got rich got no consequences whatsoever, wait I'm sorry I forgot, many of them got richer.

    I dreamt that the financial crisis would be a wake up call, a chance for our county to regain its values. It has not. My students are fully aware of this. I give an exercise that forces the students to choose who will get what grade. In most classes there are some people willing to take the low grade, either they are low grade students and figure it would be low anyway, or they are A students who figure they'll make it up easily. This year the exercise was dragged out. One class had screaming fights. They could not come to an agreement, they were too angry that it was not fair. They spent three days trying to figure a way to weasel out of it. In essence, they thought it wasn't fair, so they decided to cheat.

    It took me over a week to get a handle on this class. And then I found the common thread. This particular class was dominated by finance and business majors.
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    My brother attended a Big 10 university and played football for them. One of his high school friends attended the same university and was a wide receiver on the football team. He didn't take his education seriously and coach threatened to cut him if he didn't get his act together. In panic, he cheated on a final exam. Not only did he get kicked off the football team, he got kicked out of the university.

    He is not playing NFL. He plays for an arena team in Nebraska. He's never played on a team for more than a season and basically just rattles around the country playing arena football.

    Not where he envisioned himself.

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    Well not everyone cheats, but it seems so common that it might as well be. The scary part is that so many people are not even embarrassed about it. Cheating, lying and fraud is now the new reality.

    Imp feels very anachronistic lately

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