check fertility w/o cracking egg


12 Years
Jun 15, 2007
kensington, maryland
I hope this isn't a completely stupid question, but.... Is there a way to check the fertility of an egg without cracking it open? I would hate to waste a fertile egg. I read here that one successful mating can supply enough sperm for 30 days, correct? This is about my turkey, but about egg laying and hatching, so I hope it is in the right forum. My tom is having trouble getting the job done. He usually steps on her poor head or doesn't grasp the concept of staying there long enough. I don't know it just seems as though he hasn't actully DONE it yet. But now my hen is getting really broody. I don't want to crack open her eggs. If possible I would like to know any other way. I know that letting her sit would work too, but i admit to being a bit impatient.
Thanks for any help
does any one have any clue on what would happen to a chick if its egg were to be opened by hand on day 22? would it live or die?

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