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    Sort of like the rest of us. I have electric but love my wood stove and could survive without the electric for awhile. I can,I garden and now I have hens and eggs. If need be meat. My biggest problem would be that I am older and not in the best of health. Cutting the wood myself would be very difficult or next to impossible. Water would be a get it from the stream, filter and boil thing for sure. I would love to have some other type of power but at my age am not able to make it myself or afford to get something to make the power for me.
    There are millions like me. I have worked all my life. Now when I finally figured out what i want from life I am unable to fund it. I am finding in chickens lots of the joy that I have missed. I wish I had found these ideas a lllllllooooonnnnngggg time Listen up you young people. Jean
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    Thanks for posting that link, Chicks. The book was written by my daughter's friends and she gave me a copy for a Christmas gift. It is a good read. There's more that could have been included, such as bee keeping and meat rabbit raising, but the topics covered are well-written and interesting.

    It is with great pride that I mention that the Chantecler hen in the photo was from the flock I gave to the Wilbur St. community flock in my daughter's neighborhood when I moved from NY's Adirondack Mountains to Maine. She's a looker, isn't she?

    A couple of the other hens also appear in a small photo on page 10 of the book.

    Happy to see that not just my daughters, but all my girls made good down in the Big City!

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    There are grants available for rural incentives anything from inproving housing to energy conservation to animal husbandry.

    There are also coops that help rural communities out with things like chores in exchange for room/board, a share of the crop. whatever.

    Contact your local Boy/Girl Scout council and see if they have any scouts needing a community service project. They can come out and cut the wood, clear the garden, fix things around the house.
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    Quote:lets see if we can find some links to grants and such to help out those who dont know where to find it.
    I would think starting with your local Agraculltural Dept would be a huge start.
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    That's great! I like the Permaculture idea and try to incorporate parts of it into my city life. When we all do a little something, big changes will occur.
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