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    Jun 1, 2008
    I have read a bit about checking fertility in hatching eggs, I have some shipped eggs I am leaving for a few more days (on day 10 now) just to make sure they really don't have anything. 3 of them just look like a regular egg with a yolk, if I crack them open at day 14 would the bullseye be noticable still if they just stopped? None of them are weeping or smelly. I see definite movement in 3 and I have another that looks like it's floating (veins and all, but small, so not sure if it stopped. So to sum it up, is day 14 far enough that if I don't have a sizable shadow it's a surely a dud? Also the bullseye question, if fertilized but never developed would the bullseye still be visible so late? I think my poor eggs just took a beating, but wanted to check to make sure they were fertile.
    Thanks for your help
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    The problem with shipped eggs is they often get scrambled. If you don't see anything by day 14 you can take them out. If you crack them open most likely you won't see anything because the embryo is not viable and died off and the yolks usually burst into just a liquid yellow mess.

    Good luck with the others! Happy hatching!

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