Cheeping but no pipping, when to interveen?

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    Nov 21, 2012
    As the title suggests my broody hens (yup two at once) are sitting on about 14 eggs between them. All at various stages of development due too the other hens laying and these broody hens adopting their eggs. But... A few of them eggs are all around the same age/time. Last night i went out to check on them before bed and i could hear this cheeping. Found the egg an heard a little tap on the inside. I excitedly put the egg back thinking I'd have a chick this morning.
    12 hours later, not even a pip. Is this normal? How long should I give him before I at least make a hole so he doesn't run out of air. I don't want to help out too soon but I don't want to leave it too late either. Im unsure if there was cheeping before last night as i had my mum check my chickens and she wasn't aware she was meant to be listening out for a cheep. So any help would be greatly appreciated! I did candle all the eggs last night very carefully, taking phone to egg not egg to phone an removed any undeveloped or newly laid eggs. A few looked completely black is this normal? There is no bad smell. Mostly just worried the little guy will suffocate though i left too long so please help me :D

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