Chemo question for those of you that have/ had cancer


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Quote:This is the type of treatment my friends sister just finished. Breast cancer. It was awful for her. Though I do agree with the thought that everyone reacts different to treatment.

Linda, SOOO glad you are still with us and a part of BYC.


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No offence but when one is first Dx'd there's little one or ones' family finds to laugh about. Her kids, the youngest 8 years old, are not laughing yet, nor are mine. We in the trenches can find, and often have, gallows humor amongst ourselves (as she and I do out of earshot of our children) and we've earned it, but I've yet to see our other loved ones with it. Just sayin.
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It has been a long time (23 years), but my mom chose weekly chemo. She got treatment on Friday, and was sick over the weekend. She was able to return to work on Monday, though. I get a very different treatment (IVIG) in the infusion center, and I'm trying to switch to weekly. I get a large dose split over two or three days once a month. It is hard on my liver and takes several days to recover. I think that most of the chemo patients there get it weekly, and the nurses know them all very well. You unfortunately don't know how your body will handle the chemo until you're there.

Maybe she can try weekly doses to see if that works for her? It means going to the infusion center more often, but the experience in the center itself has been okay for me. They have squishy recliners, tv, and try to make you as comfortable as possible. It's just the healing afterwards.


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I had chemo in 2004 and chose the dose dense route. I had chemo every two weeks and chose the newest generation of the drug they wanted me to take. By the grace of God, my oncologist had never given this new generation of the drug and WAY overdosed me... but it is what saved my life. I had a very aggressive breast and thyroid cancer and here I am 7+ years later and I am still cancer free. The first week I had one whole set of problems.. the second week I would have a whole nother set of problems. Then it started all over again. But I am ALIVE!!! And grateful for every extra day I get to spend with my kids. I will be praying for your family. Suz


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In our family we divided up and took over different responsibilities when a member got cancer. One persons
job was research, another managing records and appointments, another home care. There was also a weekly
meeting where options were discussed. It was quite overwhelming the amount of information to process but
breaking it up made it easier

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