Chesapeake Energy vandals!!!!!! Vent and questions!

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  1. lovemychicks9

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    I hate Chesapeake Energy and all they do! I bought this beautifuful and very quiet property almost 3 years ago - it was sooo quiet and beautiful then ---- not anymore!!!!
    The gas wells are poping up all over up and down the road on the vacant property that was around ou quiet little farm. Chesepeake Energy is buying up property all over and people are stupid enough to sell it to them ---- thinking they are going to get rich off of them! We were offered get this ---- $5000.00 for our property , house and 2 acres of land! We paid almost $50,000.00 . I know it is not very much , just a couple of acres and a single wide home but it is ours and the gas company is just going through and taking out all of the trees and tearing up the pastures. When I stepped out my back door all you saw was stands of pine trees and blackberry marshes. I am SOOO ANGRY THAT i WANT TO GO OUT AND START SHOOTING THEM TO GET THEM AWAY FROM OUR PROPERTY LINES AND STOP CUTTING DOWN ALL THE TREES!!!! Sorry I am just so mad , the guy that owns the vacant property is a BIG business owner in town and he would not sell us some of the land 3 years ago, said he was holdong on to it for sentimental reasons. Well there is now tree cutters right next door making so much noise , started at 6:10 this morning and it is non stop. My chickens are totally freaked out and won't even come out of the coop. They are so stressed that they are picking each other and pulling out feathers and fighting with each other. My 2 week olds and 5 week olds are so scared that they are piling on each other in a corner and I am so afraid that I will lose them from fright. Some one please tell me is there anything I can do to try to calm them??? If this continues for a very long time will it keep my older girls from laying ? PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHAT WE CAN DO!!! With all the gas drilling in this county the price of homes and land has gone sky high and we can NOT afford to move and my husband says he will not move again. He drives truck and is only home 2 days a week so he does not have to deal with all of this . Does any one have any advice for me esspecially concerning my girls, they are my biggest worry and I absolutely love them and I am afraid what may happen to them in the long run due to noise and stress! I am so angry that I am trying to type while crying and worrying. Below is a picture of how my property and surroundings use to look and when they are done for the day of dropping all the trees I will try to go out and take pictures of what is left. I was out taking some yesterday and one of the supervisors came to my door and told me I was harrasing the workers by standing on my backyard and taking pictures and asked me to stop. Do you believe that ?????


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  2. kinnip

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    Funny, sounds like that supervisor was trespassing! I think what's happening to you is a fear we all share. Every time I hear my neighbor cutting trees my heart skips a beat. I hope they don't pull some imminent domain crap on you.
  3. Julie08

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    May 19, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Sorry to be the grinch, but it is their property and unfortunately they can do what they want on their property. The only way to avoid that is to buy enough property around you that this can not happen. I'm sorry that you are in this situation.
  4. MayberrySaint

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    Mar 7, 2007
    Mount Airy, NC
    I would definitely not call them VANDALS...they are doing their business...drilling wells and providing natural gas for consumers. It's unfortunate that it is disturbing your flock, but after the well drilling is completed, there should not be any disturbances.
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  5. Oblio13

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    Jan 26, 2008
    New Hampshire
    Why did your neighbor sell to Chesapeake Energy for 10 cents on the dollar but not to you?
  6. silkiechicken

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    It really sucks, but the sad truth is... not much you can do because you don't own the property. One thing everyone should look into when buying land/homes is who owns the surrounding properties, how fast they are selling to others, to who they are being sold to, and what they are zoned for. Many a people have bought a big nice house with a view, just to find that a year later, all the trees are downed and a bigger house is built in front of theirs thus obstructing their view. In your case, the power company probably owned the land and have been eying it for a good time since you've only been there 3 years. We had a substantial offer on the second half of our property could have been able to buy a large home with a lot middle of Seattle, but we refused as we did not want 15-20 zero lot line homes being built on the three acres next to our house on four. Our neighbors sold to them though because they are old, their kids are out of state, and no longer needed the land. Best of luck and hope that what ever they do is quick and over with soon.
  7. Miltonchix

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    Jul 14, 2007
    Milton, Florida
    Quote:You must have the last 4 acre lot left in Everett.
    DW and I visited a friend in Everett last December and couldn't believe how little open land is left.
    We lived on Whidbey for 20 years and left there for pretty much the same reason. The uncontrolled growth is ridiculous. They let the rich developers rape the island and "normal" people who worked and sweat to buy a small piece of land can't get a permit to build because theres a puddle in the back corner. (They called it a wetland! Where in Western Washington is there NOT a wet land?)
  8. lovemychicks9

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    When we bought the property 3 years ago, there was no one that even had a clue that 3 years later the gas companys would be here drilling all over , that just happened within the last 1 1/2 years. There are folks across the road from us that have lived here for 20 plus years and they tell us it has always been so very quiet here and they also hate it now too. Yes it will be quiet here when the drilling stops if and that is a big if--- they do not putting in second pumping station on this side of the road . They have 2 across the road and the noise from the generators running is miserable and it goes 24/7 and it does viberate everything in our house and it is quite a ways away. Pray they do not put in pumping station please! The one big problem we do have is there is a dry creek bed that runs along the back of our land and when it rains alot the water runs through the backyard and over the land next door and the land next to us is quite marshy and wet. Well we are afraid that they will build up the land so much that they will stop the flow of water onto the land and it will flood us out and the chickens do not know how to swim!
    We are just holding our breath and waiting to see how this will unfold. I do know that they promise big money for all the wells on the road and how we are all going to get royalty checks as to the amount of gas that is pumped out and how much land we own --- blah blah blah. We have gotten one royalty check in the 1 1/2 years that this has been going on for a whopping 50.00 bucks. Not especially getting rich on that real soon, and certainly not worth putting up withall the noise we have put up with from helicopters flying over daily 12 to 20 times a day to heavy equipment goinng down the road to water trucks and gravel haulers 24/7. I realize they are not vandals, they now own it , but have you never gotten so angry you say many things in the heat of the moment?
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  9. silkiechicken

    silkiechicken Staff PhD

    Sad but true. There are very few large wooded areas left in everett. We have 7.5 total between our 4 and 3 lots and they are joined together. The last few large plots left like ours are owned by old time family neighbors who can only hold out so long because taxes on these large lots are 20+k a year if you have no exemptions, and going into retirement, if their kids do not help out or cannot help out in paying those taxes, they have no choice but to sell. Developers buy them out, put up zero lot line homes they have to call town houses because fire trucks cannot fit their ladders between the homes. Then, because housing was so high... they were selling them like hot cakes for 350-400k each. Housing market is down, but they are still building and selling. The other large lots are owned by commercial businesses and have no trees.

    Sad thing is, the day I move, I'll want a place in the country, and the country will see me as an intruder invading their once pristine land and building a home where they once could see fields.
  10. blurose

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    May 25, 2008
    Winston, Oregon
    This is just a thought, but could you contact the powers that be at the gas company and ask them if, for strickly environmental impact, they couldn't leave some of the trees standing? I can't think why they'd need to chop every tree down on the property just to put in a gas well.

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