Chick almost hatched...hen given up on eggs, all cold!


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Mar 6, 2008
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Help! My silkie hen is sitting on 10 eggs. She already hatched 2 adorable chicks. Another was hatching this morning when I went out. But the mom is off the nest and all the eggs are cold! She has not seemed very interested in the eggs the last few days. I have her separated in a nesting box with the eggs and chicks, and I let her out once a day to poop and do whatever she wants. I need help with the little chick that was almost hatched! I brought it indoors and took it out of the shell. I am giving it gatorade with a syringe. It's under a lamp getting was very cold. Can it survive? It's still breathing and makes a cheep every once in a while. What else should I do? Thank you!!!!\\


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Jan 11, 2007
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I've begun a new routine when it comes to broodies hatching. When it's close to time, I set up a brooder box in the house. Then, as the chicks hatch, I put them in there with the temp around 100 degrees. This way the mum will stay on her eggs until they all hatch. Often the cheeping of the hatched chicks will cause the mum to leave the eggs to care for them. Then, once all the eggs are hatched, I put mum and chicks back together.

By the way, chicks don't need to eat or drink for 3 days after hatching because they have just absorbed the yolk of the egg with is sufficient nourishment. I'd just put your new chick in a brooder with a hot light and leave it be. The more you try to force it before the end of the 3 days, the harder it will be for the chick to do what comes naturally.


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