Chick and Mom together HOW LONG???


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Feb 18, 2009
I have a chick who is about a week old and I have the mon with it. When can I put the mom back outside and the chick will be fine alone inside. it was the only on that hached out of 6 eggs.
I would leave the chick with the mom too. One chick alone will be lonely. If that is not going to work for you the chick will fine if you have it in a brooder with proper heat for the chicks age.
I have two chicks outside with momma. They hatched there and are 3 weeks old now doing great. They were out walking around in 20 degree weather! Any reason you don't want the chick outside with momma?
let them out, once momma gets hold of the cat if it gets too close, kitty kitty will get sick every time he THINKS about chicken

chickens raise thier chicks for up to 6 weeks I think, maybe more, one chick alone won't learn how to be a chicken like it would with momma.
In spring/summer when its warmer I take chicks away from momma about 5-6 weeks old. In winter/fall I leave momma and chicks together till spring. Being a lone chick it will be very lonely being by its self. Chickens are happier with another chicken.

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