Chick attacked by Guinea rooster

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    May 4, 2014
    So my Sebright hen hatched 3 chicks about a week ago and has been raising them in the coop ever since. This evening she decided to take them outside for the first time. My guinea rooster, who hasn't seen her since she first started sittin apparently didn't recognize her and jumped her. She fought him off and ran her chicks back into the coop. The smallest chick got confused and followed the guinea rooster instead of momma. When they got far enough away from the coop the guinea turned and tore this chick to shreds. It has a big, bloody bald spot on it's neck and one on it's lower back. It's very cold, won't stand up, won't open it's eyes, and hasn't made a sound since I picked it up but it's still breathing very steady. So far it seems to be a fighter so I'm trying to help it any way I can. Right now it's sleeping on a bag of warm water with a towel over it. It seems to be warming up finally. Is there anything else I can do for it that I'm not thinking of?? I don't want to mess with it to much more since it's already stressed out.[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Poor baby :( Have you put anything on the wounds? I would recommend starting with neosporin without pain relief to prevent any infections. You can also add a little aspirin to his water for pain relief if you would like. Can you get him under a heat lamp? That would be the best way to keep him warm.

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