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  1. aalbury

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    Nov 5, 2009
    My first 3 lil chicks are:

    #1 - hatched on time. He's super laid back and doesn't mind being petted or handled. He is the largest of the 3 and is quite a character - sleeps standing with his beak on the ground (trying to get a pic) or on his back with legs straight up in the air twitchin' and dreaming of running.... total surfer type

    #2 - hatched 3 days late. Skittish and zippy. Neurotic and paranoid type?

    #3 - "Tardy" hatched 5 days late and is a bully at 24 hours old. Almost the same size as #1. He pecks at and actually makes the other 2 squeal. He is as zippy as #2 and will even peck at your hand as you reach for him. You can watch him go after anything that moves - how well can they see? He seems to see very well. He also has some crispy hair on the back of his neck - as in it's not fluffy, but looks like he got something sticky on him. It kept me from realizing he was really dry for a while. Do you think he's got issues? I imagine him with a cigarette in his mouth and a black leather jacket.....

    So. Do they remain this way? Genetic inherited behavior from the roo in the case of Tardy the Terror? or is the being late part alter any part of their behavior? Or have I just handled #1 enough for him to be a Cool Cuke?

    Do you note their behavior as they grow?
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    May 5, 2009
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    I have a crew of 25 that were all from the same hatch and raised the exact same way. They're all different. Handling can effect how they relate to you, but I think the personality is all their own. Some of mine like to cuddle; some like to be near me, but scream bloody murder if I pick them up; some are feisty and peck the hand that feeds them. They just are who they are. Tardy Terror reminds me of my smallest hen. I call Blackberry my tiny terror. She's been rotten since day one. And yes, I'm weird about sitting outside observing my birds and making long mental notes about the different personalities. They fascinate me.

    I love the name "Tardy" BTW. Cute!
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  3. Matt A NC

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    Most of their personalities will change with time. Some will get really tame and some become stand offish. Enjoy them.

    Early this spring I had a group of chick that were 3 days old wake me up in the middle of the night. The noise was awful. They were bouncing off the cardboard walls after a fly. One finally caught it and started running around screaming with a crowd in pursuit. Not sure who ended up eating it, but they settled down after about 20 minutes.

    The sticky that was on "Tardy" was just some egg-white that didn't dry off. Under a hen this would have gotten rubbed off. With a brooder chick, it will disappear after a little time.

  4. Happy Chooks

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    Quote:I agree, it's just their personalities. I have 5 5 1/2 week old chicks and one will lay down on my hand and go to sleep, 2 are absolutely terrified of me (they are roos), 1 of my pullets is pretty calm and the other one is a feisty little thing.

    Sometimes it changes as they get older, sometimes not. My buttercup is a flighty thing. She's molting really bad right now (wasn't expecting that at 9 months old) and I have a heck of a time catching her just to check on her. She will eat out of my hand, but it's a grab and go scenario.........she grabs the food and gets out of reach.

    My last chick to hatch was pretty gummy, but he cleaned himself up pretty well in a few days. As they preen themselves, they get the gunk off.
  5. aalbury

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    Nov 5, 2009
    SM - So a lot nature, but maybe a little nurture?

    Matt- My ordered chicks have taken a very long time to become used to people, after #1, I'd hoped that by hatching them, they are more apt to be more relaxed around people. I suppose self preservation must be in their nature though as a prey animal (though I sometimes cannot fathom they could possibly ever survive out there). The vision question was inspired by Tardy's attempt at a ladybug when I first put him in with the others after drying....I thought he'd fly he was so determined jumping at the bug on the wall of the brooder. I'd previously hoped Tardy would be a roo as I wanted to see his mother's color in roo form and barred, but now I fear he'd be a nightmare.

    N2C - I will compare notes with your roo peepers that were terrified of you. Maybe that's a good thing!!! #2 is that way....

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