Chick Behavior....


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Croton on Hudson
Any Chance girl chicks will challenge each other - do the jump in the air and kick thing? Or if they do that, should I assume they are boys? I hope I don't have all boys.
All chicks do the fighting. It's part of setting up the pecking order, which should be up and running good by the time they are six to eight weeks old. My bossiest chick is now my bossiest hen.
They all do it regardless of their sex. You'll know boys from girls (cockerels from pullets) at around 8 weeks.
Until the obvious signs appear, you'll wait.
Oh good! Thanks everyone...I amgoing to go snap a picture now. And will post in a few. 3 are wheaten Marans and three are a cross between my wheaten Roo and Wheaten Ameraucanas, so I am very eggcited about these chicklets - can't wait to see the eggs
I haven't noticed that much pecking behavior in my chicks. But my daughter says it's because I'm not around enough.

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