Chick bloody backside

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5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
We have about twenty chicks just over a month old which we recently moved out to their coop. About half the birds are pullets while the other half we are raising as meat birds. This morning my son went to care for them and found one of the pullets with a bloody rear end and nearly dead. We have put her out of her misery but I'm concerned about the rest of our flock. Could it be one of the other chicks? We looked and didn't see any bloody beaks. We don't think any critters can get in our coop, we don't have the run door open yet as we're waiting for it to warm up a bit. No other chicks have any blood or injuries and seem perfectly healthy. Any help will be appreciated!
Welcome to BYC. I'm not sure if it is wise to mix meat birds and layers because of the size difference and possible hogging of food by the meaties. When there is picking and cannibalizing goin on, may sure of 3 things: plenty of room since crowding increases pecking, prevent boredom by providing things to climb on and explore (rocks, a lump of sod, little perches,) and most of all provide a good 20% protein well balanced chick feed. Get a can of BluKote spray to keep around to cover any red areas.

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