Chick Can't Stay Up-Right!!!!


6 Years
Feb 10, 2013
Waco, TX
Hello all,

We just hatched our first hatch from a bator. We had 11 of 13 hatch and feel pretty good about that.

However, one of our little Sex links can't seem to keep himself up-right. He can walk a little but will roll onto his back pretty often and then seems to not be able to right himself.

Currently we have him in leg harnesses for spraddle leg but I'm not for sure that that's the problem. Although, the wraps seem to help him stabilize a little.

Any idea of what this could be? Is it normal? Will he grow out of it?

Here's a pic before we added the vet wrap harness for spraddle leg.


This pic shows what he is doing. If I hold him up he will stand but without support he rolls over after awhile.
It looks like he is spraddle legged to me. If you keep the harness on him for a few days he will probably be better. He might also just have weak legs (kinda like when astronauts come back from space and they have weak muscles/bones which makes it very hard for them to walk for a while until they build the muscle back up). If he does have weak muscles/bones, I would make sure he has the proper nutrition. Hope this helps!
Thank you! We started giving a tiny drop of Poly-vi-sol last night and will continue twice a day. We also put a couple drops in the water and figured it would hurt all the others to get a little too.
Unfortunately we culled this little chick today. We came to the conclusion that there had to be something neurologically wrong because it could no longer stand at all and it's left side of its body was weak and limp including the wing.
Unfortunately we had to cull this little guy today. His whole left side was weak, including his wing and he could no longer stand at all. We think maybe it had something neurologically wrong or it just didn't develop quite right.

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