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    I am going out of town tonight and tomorrow (almost against my will lol) and am nervous about leaving my chooks in the responsibility of my house mates/family. I wrote some detailed instructions and was wondering if I should add anything? Here is what I wrote:

    Chicken Care

    This evening please check the chickens in my room, make sure they have food and water, and that the water is not dumped or filled with shavings. The food is under your bedroom window, and if it is empty just fill the feeder and put it back in the tub. WATCH THE CHICKS they WILL fly out of the brooder! Their named are Butternut and Gnosis (Pronounced No Sis). Have Sampson sleep in your bedroom/the house tonight make sure he stays OUT of my bedroom.

    Sunday morning leave Munk and Joon in their coop until 8:30am or so. Once that rolls around, bring BABY chicks out of my bedroom, put them in the living room. BEFORE you move the tub, be sure to take the waterer out so it does not spill. Once they are in the living room, put clean waterer back onto it’s perch, be sure to watch it a moment to make sure it is not spilling out into the bedding. Check feeder as well. Whenever the tub is open be sure to watch the chicks, they WILL fly out!

    Lock Sampson in my bedroom with his food/water, open my bedroom windows and pull the blinds up. Go outside and let Munk and Joon out of their coop and let them wander around the yard. Do NOT close the run gate. Do NOT leave Tommy unsupervised with them PLEASE. Keep an ear out for them, and if you turn the air on please keep your bedroom window cracked so you can hear outside. The windows are sound proof so one needs to be cracked in order to listen for danger. Fill Munk and Joon’s water and feeder and put it on the back patio where it’s covered by the patio roof.

    Throughout the day check on the BABY chicks, make sure water is good and everything. Around 8PM go outside and put the feeder in the corner on the corner closest to the right side of the fence (if you are facing the coop). Put the waterer where the planter bottom is, on top of that so it’s raised somewhat and steady. In the feed bucket there is a jar of Scratch. Shake it a bunch of times so it makes noise and walk into the run, Joon and Munk should come running, they LOVE scratch. Once they are both in the run, CLOSE the run gate before you put them in the coop. Open the jar and pour a nice sized pile of scratch INSIDE the coop, right near that piece of wood that looks like a ladder to their nest boxes. Joon will go in first, and back up a little because Munk likes space when she goes in. Munk should follow Joon into the coop, but it might take her a second to decide. LOCK coop up. Leave the tarp as it is please.

    Go inside, take the waterer out of the BABY’S tub, and move them into my bedroom. Go ahead and turn the lamp on, should be on Reema’s dressor, and do not point it at the chickens. Let the light go on the ceiling or something. This is the regular lamp, NOT heat light. Return waterer to the tub, make sure it is not spilling and that it is steady as it can get on the raised Tupperware. Make sure they have food. CLOSE my windows and blinds please.

    If I am missing anything else please let me know [​IMG] I am hoping everything will go smoothly, and I get nervous whenever I leave my animals. My chickens are 12 weeks (Munk and Joon) and the BABIES are 8 Weeks old. Thanks for any help!

    Sampson = Cat
    Tommy = Dog
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    Seems like you did a great job with the instructions [​IMG]
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    Thanks! Can you tell I am worried? lol! I know my mom won't let anything happen, but can't help but feel nervous. This is my first night away from the little girls. I also added one more thing about putting a frozen soda bottle outside in the shade because it's supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow. My mom is used to detailed instructions because I am picky about the care of my cat and dog as well [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The insructions seem good to me.

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