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Just saw this on our local craigslist, and while it has already been sold (surprise!), I saved a pic to share with BYC in case anyone out there is handy with woodworking. The only thing I am not sure of is where you would put a heat lamp, but there are several ways you could do it. Pretty cool, though!


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Chicken Crib for new chicks! - $50 (franklin)

Date: 2011-03-05, 9:28AM CST
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I made this chicken crib for my kids to watch their new chicks grow and develop. We are not getting any new chicken this year so its clearance time! It has a plexiglass window, metal mesh floor with a pvc roofing material tray that comes out to clean. The lid is simple and hinges back to feed and water the little critters. Its about the same size as a portable baby crib.

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That is gorgeous and a fair price! Wonder if they maker would considering making some more just to sell. Neat, I'm glad you shared!
I could build that, but I wouldn't want it taking up space for the 2 years between uses. My plan is to raise egg machines and rotate them out every 2 years. What do you do with layers that have laid all they were born with?? Give 'em away as pets? Eat 'em? How long will they live?

I am picking my chicks (ISA Browns) up Tuesday and will be brooding them in a Rubbermaid tote that is about 18 x 36. When they outgrow that I have an irregular shaped black plastic yard pond liner that they will be moving into before getting the boot out to their new coop.
Instead of only hatching every two years (or ordering new chicks), just replace 1/2 of them every year, starting the second year. That way you always have 1/2 your flock as 1st year layers (their best production year) and keeps eggs coming all the time.
My first Australorp hen is 5-6 years old now, and she still lays an egg every other day . . .
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