chick days at TSC - what breeds normally?

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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    I think that Tractor Supply gets chicks to use as a draw, to get people in the store and to buy their feeds, they aren't very knowledgeable, even here in Wisconsin, where farming used to be king. I do spend time looking at them and talk to people who have never had chickens and are buying them without any knowledge of their care or even what breeds, one guy didn't know the difference between a duck and a chick. I see the appeal of chicks in the store in spring, but in the end I wish they wouldn't have them.
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    I guess I luck out in this area. We have 4 TSCs within 45 mins of us.
    We usually use 2 of them and the staff that I've seen the last few years have been very knowledgeable. The birds in the bins seem to match the labels. I just couldn't remember what was in the pullet bin.

    I bought 6 from the pullet bin for the first chick go around and I knew one wasn't in the correct bin (was a bantam and was obvious), but other than that, I've not seen issues locally. The 5 that belonged in the pullet bin were all girls. I only wanted to keep 3, so listed the others on CL for a new home.

    There are 2 feed stores as well so I'll be checking with them in the next few weeks to see what they will be getting in.
    I only want 2 (3 at most just in case) and don't really want to have to get my 6 min and CL the others again.

    Thanks for the replies
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    May 2, 2015
    My Tsc always has red sex-link pullets (they actually are pullets), bantams, meat birds, ducks, and a breed that is different every week. Last week they had blue Andalusians. Last year I got 2 red sex-links and 4 cochins. This year all I could get was two Rouen ducks. The red sex-links were both hens and only one Cochin was a roo! I have had a good experience with them.
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    The TSC's here are good. Lots of farms around here. Bins are clearly marked and I don't mind straight run. Roos are delicious [​IMG]. Staff in our TSC stores here are honest and helpful. Selection is different in either store in this area. A month ago the chicks sold out in a few hours. Guess good help is hard to find in some places.
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    Mar 19, 2016

    Where are u from?
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    Jul 10, 2015
    Northeast Ohio

    North Canton
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    Our hay and feed store had so many different breeds sex links to bantam breeds Silkies salmon faverolle Polish d uncle astrolop barred rock laced Cochins buff orpington long horns etc.... even Japanese
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    You can always call and ask ahead of time to see if they have a breed you want
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Ok thanks I will probably just go and see what they have but thanks
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    Aug 11, 2015
    In in maine ours is not so good some of them know what they are talking about some dont. I do t know where they get the chicks from I asked but this person didnt know. I noticed this week 3rd week of chicks in the out bantams in a bin that previously had ducks and obviously had not cleaned it :-/ when I got my 6 bantams they last who got them told me she thought they were Cornish x. Until she was told otherwise... Lol
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