Chick Develops Swollen Tongue

Nemo Reyes

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6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
Sanford,North Carolina
Well i Have a Female Chick Who for The Past Week or So has Had problems Breathing for Some Reason and ive noticed that its difficult for it to drink properly so today September 16,2013 I bought me some gloves and inspected inside it's beak and found something i had not expected.....what i found was that the chick's tongue was swollen and not normal because when i checked my other chick's tongues they are all normal and thin......! Any Help is Wanted Immediately I dont know if she's going to last any longer! Thanks!
Plus i was on scratch grains for the birds and switched to medicated chick starter ! Whats going on?
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Please keep checking daily for a string or thread around the tongue perhaps way down where it is hard to see. Maybe even visit the vet. Someone on here recently treated their chick for along time only to find a thread that had done major damage. They had checked before. Apparenty this a common thing to happen.

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