Chick feed, medicated or not?


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Our broody hen will be caring for our chicks but I need to switch the food that she eats too since she will be in with the chicks. What type do I buy for the broody hen and chicks to eat? Medicated feed or just chick feed? Thanks!
I like medicated if I can get it. It doesn't hurt to give the chicks a little head start, and by the time they would be of "eatin age" any medication would have passed out of their systems.
I had the same dilema, medicated or nonmedicated chick starter. For me, it was mainly because I will be raising a duckling with my chicks, and ducklings can run into problems eating medicated food. Yet, I wanted my chicks to have the protection the medicated food offered. I finally called the Avian Vet, who specialize in just birds. I was told that if your chicks are going to be around adult chickens, it is best to feed medicated. The reason for this is that adult chickens, even if they show now signs, can be carriers of coccidiosis, the illness that medicated chick feeds are usually geared towards fighting off. Being as little as they are, chicks usually can't fight it off as well as larger chickens. I chose not to feed medicated because not only will I be feeding a duckling, my chicks will be indoors, unexposed to any other chickens for quite a few more months. About a week before I do get ready to put them them out with the older birds,I could feed them a medicated feed, to get the medication in their system, before they may be exposed. I was told that it only takes a few days for the medication in medicated feed to take effect. Anyway, if I were you, I would feed medicated. Hope this helps!
I ended up buying a bag of medicated feed for them..
From what I have read the medicated is barely medicated and if they are in an area where they could be exposed to cocci they will get it reguardless. Personally I have pretty much always raised the chicksn with a mama hen in with the flock so the little ones can build up immunities to all the bad stuff at an early age. I have never had a sick chick using this method. I'd rather treat with corrid or sulmet if that became an issue and use the non medicated feed or gamebird starter.

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