Chick food and mom laying eggs... can we eat them?

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    Mar 22, 2011
    Hi... I had a discussion with our farmer supply guy who sells either baby chick starter food or laying food. He says to not eat the eggs their mom is now laying since she eats starter food and to continue chick starter food for at least 4 months. As a newbie, I'm really confused. Any help? We keep the mom and 6 babies separated from the group but still in the large pen so our rooster jumps over into their pen at will. I wanted to combine them at 6-8 weeks. What do you say?
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    The only problem I've ever heard about eggs contaminated from chick feed is if it is medicated and the people eating it are allergic/sensitive to the medicine. If you sell the eggs as organic, then it would be an issue. But if they are home eggs and no one has issues with what's in them then have at it! As far as when to switch over, I'll leave that to more experienced people.
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    the medication unless I'm wrong for cocci is a 'sulfa' drug, it -does- pass into the egg, its is an anti protozoa that works like an antibiotic...

    Some people are allergic to this medicine

    Some germs are getting less and less allergic to this medicine...

    I use non-medicated food after 6 weeks - but that is my choice (Purina game bird breeder)

    I would only eat the eggs if I knew I was not allergic to the drug.
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