Chick hock issues


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Nov 12, 2015
Fort Worth, Texas
My chick is 8 weeks old and has exhibited weak legs starting about 2 weeks ago. I forced her into a chick sling for a week, which she would stubbornly escape from. On Christmas Eve she was up walking again. She showed weakness but overall no pain. The days prior she was using her beak to drag herself around so I was very proud of her progress!
I returned her to her siblings after two weeks of separation but now she seems to be struggling again.

After close examination it looks like it is her hock. When he walks I can see it rotating, almost bow-legged. It gives out and she is forced to spend a greater deal of time sitting.

Any ideas of how to fix this injury OR what it might be?

She has been separated from her siblings once more, against her will of course. I want her to get some rest and have first dibs on the feed/water.


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Jan 26, 2007
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Maybe try vitamin regimen...Rooster Booster B & K is good. Can you splint the chick's leg a toothpick with the sharp points removed, or a piece of balsa wood and some soft gauze?


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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds like a slipped tendon or a leg bone deformity, such as varus valgus deformity, which can involve one or both legs. As the chick grows the hock tendon can weaken or rupture. Vitamins and minerals, and splinting may help, but many times it doesn't help. Sometimes the chicken can get around with the handicap in a small flock with some extra attention.

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