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Dec 10, 2020
We put our chickens out in the coop for the first time yesterday. I came in the house and heard loud chirping and saw a hawk next to the coop and one of my baby silkies bleeding by the edge. I took her in the house immediately. She was bleeding pretty heavily around her eye and her neck but the head injury was bleeding more than anything. I can see two tears to her neck. All her neck feathers are gone. I believe she will lose the eye because this morning it has scabbed over completely. I couldn't tell if the injury was to her head or eye. I didn't think she was going to make it but I wanted to try. She is still alive. I am keeping her warm. Giving her water every couple hours. Feeding her treats.. eggs and now formula. She walks backwards and rubs her beak on the towel. Is there anything else I need to be doing? No vet will take her and I am afraid of the stress if I take her. She is eating more but only if I help her. She is standing today but for a short time only. When feeding she starts walking backwards wiping her beak and twisting her neck. Any advice? We are new to having chickens and I am absolutely devastated this happened.
Can you get some Vetericyn plus wound spray or similar at your feed store. That is safe for the eye and the wound. I would soften the eye drainage with saline or water. Plain Neosporin ointment can be used on the eye and the wound twice a day. Walking backwards might be just normal avoidance behavior, but that or a neck problem could be signs of wry neck or neurological disorders. It won’t hurt to try and save the chick. The power of a hawk can cause internal injuries to a small bird. Offer fluids often, and some wet chick feed in a mash, bits of scrambled egg, tuna, or canned cat food can be offered in small quantities.

Make sure that your others are protected from the hawk getting back at them. I wait until my chickens are larger to let them out. Silkies unfortunately are easy prey for hawks. I hope that she survives.
I ordered all the wound sprays, aspirin & ointment. They are arriving today. She is doing better. The pics are right after the attack. I took video of her behavior but I can’t seem to upload videos. I’m afraid I’ll hurt her by looking and cleaning the injuries. I’ll have to clean when everything arrives but I was told to leave her alone overnight to help with shock. I definitely made the coop hawk free to protect the other chicks.


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Her eye looks like it has a scab over it along with the surrounding area. I will keep it clean and wait it out. Looks like the tears on her neck have a scab as well. I will wait to see if her behavior improves. I really appreciate all your input. I am hoping she makes it and I will try my best.
I would keep the eye covered in ointment to keep it moist. If you have plain neosporin or can get some terramycin eye ointment (Tractor Supply in the US usually carries it), I would use that on the eye. Time will tell if it's the eye itself or just the surrounding tissue. Sorry this happened. :hugs
Just wanted to thank everyone who answered and tell you that she is doing really well! I let her walk around my house for exercise until we can put her back in the coop but she made it! Pretty sure she can see out of her eye too. Thanks!


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