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6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
Hollingworth UK
First thread so please stay with me on this one. 5/6 araucana chicks hatched over the weekend. All but 1 seem ok. The poorly runt one was the last to hatch with done TLC. I had to wrap the egg in a damp warm towel to assist her hatching. When she hatched I put her in a small box inside the bator on her own as she was 5/6 hours later than the others. I've noticed she's still not standing up. So I did the plaster taping two legs close to one another thinking it maybe spayed leg. Looking through BYC I don't think it is. I think it maybe a hock problem? Can you see on my picture and suggest anything as I'm not confident in myself. I need reassurance. It's her right leg..
If you think it's splayed legs, keep the hobbles like that and put her a bit away from the others and see how she gets herself back to her siblings. I found that mine had to be provoked into using his legs by separating him a bit which made him hobble back to the group. Other than that, I don't know
I think what it did was teach the chick that he must learn to walk with the hobbles. Within 2 days he was running-hopping for the food, and I didn't have to worry about him eating and drinking anymore.
My poor Bandy chick died during the night. He was never going to make it to adulthood. There was more problems with him. His wing wasn't working on his right side neither. It was shorter than the left.
I did what I could for him.

Others are little terrors. They bash each other about. Very playful. Chase my finger around the glass. Where as Bandy would sit in a corner all on his own. I could see the difference in them.
One of my newly hatched chicks, two days old, seems like a "breech" baby.. butt down, legs forward, not out, but up toward the wings... which are also up toward the head, if only for balance. Falls back on his/her butt... I did the rubber band thing, hobble, but it doesn't seem like splayed legs..
Anything else I can go to get the legs down toward the "floor" as opposed to up toward the wings? Suggestions, please? Thank you.

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