chick limping


6 Years
Jun 7, 2013
hi my rir chick is about 2 weeks old and is having trouble walking he can move around but struggles and his step mum (silkie) accidentaly knocked him over earlier and he didnt get up for ages he sits down alot and struggles to keep his eyes open there is no real visible injury on his feet and i dont know whats wrong i tried the plaster treatment to keep his legs straight but he just fell over so am going to just wait and see now what do you guys think!?
chicks are fragile they will get hurt and die sometimes and this is sad but its the circle of life and there is not much you can do about it. but what you can do is: keep him from walking for a few days and check his legs for discoloration often which is a sign of a broken leg. it may not be a broken leg and might just be a sickness, in that case SMALL DOSES of penicillin in the food can help but this does not always work and the chick will die anyway. in both cases KEEP HIM WARM but not to hot or you will cook him. good luck!

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