Chick Moving Eggs?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
This morning one of my chicks hatched
and it is moving around the incubator and has moved almost all of the eggs. Some of the eggs have pipped but then they got moved by the chick and nothing has happened. Will they still hatch? Is that normal for chicks to move eggs when they are trying to walk? It has been making a lot of noise, is that also normal? Thank you and sorry for all the questions (this is my first hatch)
I'm curious to see if you get many people weigh in on this subject. I just cleaned up my incubator today after hatching chicks on Tuesday. I had 7 out of 12 make it to lockdown. One pipped on day 20 but never made it ... I think it shrinkwrapped and ended up dying. Two successfully hatched on Tuesday and they were really kicking around the remaining 4 eggs, which never did hatch. I wondered if the two hatchlings kicking around the eggs had any affect on their successfully hatching or not. I was really bummed to have to throw out the remaining birds. They were fully formed and everything!
there are differing op's about this. I have had broodies hatch eggs and I doubt the hatched chicks have much of a chance to move eggs around like in the incu. My last hatch I used the egg carton method and that was not a major problem. I'd use it again. My hatch before that was 12 from 32 eggs but 26 of those were shipped. I kinda wonder whether it would not have been better if they had been in the carton. As I recall not many of those pipped though. The six that were local all hatched. So egg quality definitely plays a part.
I hatched my first in cartons, and am now awiting two lots. Will be using cartons again for sure, but cutting them into strips and arranging around the outside of the incubator, leaving the floor free for the chicks. Does get very crowded in there with too many chicks out and all the extra space used by the cartons.

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