Chick not doing good! What more can I do?? *chick has Passed on*

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I got my Order of chicks from Ideal yesterday, I have already lost 6 chicks, and It seems I am on the way to losing another. This chick is always sleeping. I have removed it from the large brooder, and placed it in a smaller one, so it dosent get trampled. I have been feeding the poor baby by hand some soaked chick starter, and also some sugar water. Is there anything else i can do??
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I had one chick that was 10 hours old and didn't get up. We felt it wasn't going to make it. My daughter gave it a drop of poly-visol infant vitamins every hour for five hours before it tried to stand. Today it is doing just fine. It might be worth a try, but only use as a last resort. My prayers are with you.
I am loosing my chicks also I started with 10 and now only got 3 and I feel like im about to loose another one too:thun
A little Poly-Vi-Sol and scrambled eggs works miracles. I feed it to all my hatched and purchased day olds. I don't trust commercial chick feed. I feed it to them and they eat it like it's going out of style but I supplement all of my itty bitties diet with vitamins for first few days and scrambled egg for first few weeks.
Scrambled egg or hardboiled yolks. If you have any canned corn, the juice is good for them, too. I keep hearing good things about the Poly Visol children's vitamins. I must remember to add that to my grocery list. Best wishes.
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Thanks!! Gotta go cook some eggs! poly Visol definitely sounds like something that must be kept handy! Thanks for the help all! Hopefully I can save this baby!!

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