Chick not eating?

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    Apr 20, 2011
    So this is the second post about the same problem, Aboout 3-4 weeks ago i got 2 baby silkie chicks who were 6 weeks, so there about 8-9 weeks now. I have a little EE/Silkie mix and then a pure silkie. Same size, about a week ago it was extremly hot outside and i noticed one of the chicks wasint active and wouldint walked so i grapped them both up and brought them in the house, the mixed one seemed to be just fine and walking around and eating, what normal chickens do. But the little silkie hen wasint that active, so i kept them in the house so i started putting vitamins in there water, well the little hen got better and was up moving around this morning i set them outside for about an hour just like everyday, well now shes back like she was and shes not eating chick feed or scratch, the only thing i can get her to eat is a little bit of a cucumber. The other silkie mix is with her and he is just fine, what could be wrong? she just stands in one spot hunched over and shell move spots ocasionally.
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    She may be dehydrated. I would force feed her some vitamin water.[​IMG]

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