Chick pipped and zipped halfway around and then it died

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by nnewberry, Jul 29, 2014.

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    I have a chick that pipped the egg and was right on schedule with where it was supposed to be it was peeping and the egg was rocking then suddenly the chick didnt come out when I thought it was supposed to and I checked on it and it was dead. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I think it's safe to say that anyone who has incubated eggs has had this problem at one time or another. Sometimes they're just not strong enough to hatch.
  3. This is a normal part of hatching egg's nothing out of the ordinary the best way to avoid this problem is to make sure you use adult egg's and not pullet egg's but humidity, incubator temp fluctuation not using an automatic turner but hatching is an art and science not a mechanical operation and all you can hope for is a great hatch but do not be surprised if you have a total failure and yes it happens to people who have over a hundred hatches under their belts ......... [​IMG]
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