Chick pipped wrong end of egg

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  1. Ive been watching eggs pip today, and I noticed one of my eggs pipped very much on the wrong end. All it did was crack the egg, no hole yet. But I can hear a chick practically screaming inside the incubator, I can't tell which egg it is. I currently have 2 eggs pipped, plus the third one who is upsidedown.
    My last hatch, I had 2 malpositioned chicks that couldn't hatch by themselves and died, but they never pipped.
    Since this one pipped, is he on the right track? Should I do something? I can raise/lower humidity with a click of a button without opening the incubator, should I change the humidity? It's set between 63% and 67% right now. I had it higher but it fogged up the whole thing and I couldn't see inside so I lowered it to where it is now.
    As I was typing this the screaming stopped.
    I don't know how long this egg has been pipped, but it's only been a few hours at the most. I know to give them at least 18-24hrs, I just want to do whatever I can to give this little guy a shot.

    Also, what causes malposition? I had the eggs fat side up the whole time, then at lockdown I layed them on their sides like I've read you're supposed to do. Since this is now my 3rd malposition in 2 hatches, could I be doing something wrong?
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    Personally, I'd leave the humidity where it is and not monkey with it further.
    The chick shouting - then stopping - is likely because the chicks do take 'naps' between bursts of energy to get out of that shell. Or at least my Java chicks do...
    As for why they're on the wrong end - I cannot speak to that. I use a Brinsea incubator, so the eggs are always on their sides. I've only had one really little chick (think runt) who pipped on the narrow end. I think the chick managed to get itself flipped around in the shell prior to hatching because it was so small. Chick did need some assistance to get out because it's shoulders got caught in the narrow space of the zipping. Turned out to be a cockeral! :barnie
    Best wishes! I hope others can advise who use your type of 'bator and/or your breed of chicken. That may make a difference here.
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  3. Sorry for the late reply, @Life is Good!
    Okay I'll leave it be, I don't know the breed. I THINK the mother is a Black Star, but as for the father I've got no clue.
    My incubator is a Farm Innovator 4250 with egg turner. It did great the first hatch, this time we had a power outage and I think it messed with it a little.
    Thanks for the reply, I will keep this thread updated!

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  4. The malposition chick is definitely still alive, it's cracked more shell but I can't tell if it's reached air yet, my incubator has too many "obstacles" in the way of viewing.
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    Side(or wrong end) pipped chicks usually make it fine on their own,
    but it may take twice as long as a chick that externally pips via the air cell.
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  6. Okay, thank you! I think it's going to do fine by itself, I'm just keeping a close eye on it. It's active inside, so that makes me feel better :D
  7. UPDATE: 2:29am the malposition chick hasn't changed at all, but I can see it's breathing.

    A DIFFERENT egg however has been pipped all day, it finally chipped off a chunk of shell and is hanging its beak out gasping for large breaths and not peeping. Is this normal? I'm assuming it's just exhausted, but I've never seen them do that before.
  8. Another update: malposition chick hasn't changed

    The different egg that's gasping, it's membrane looks weird. You know when they're breaking the membrane it just creates little "flaps" and it seems attached to the shell? This one is not, it's very wet and appears to move independent from the egg shell. The baby looks to have issues breaking through it, only it's beak is through. This baby has been pipped since about 7-8am the 5th. No other eggs look this way.

    I'm going to bed, it's 3:40am and I have a busy day tomorrow/today! Goodnight, everyone! Thanks for all your help :)
  9. UPDATE: Malposition chick is trying it's hardest, other chicks rolled him over so it's hard for me to see. It appears the hole is bigger, no zipping yet. It's been almost 30 hours
  10. The chick has stopped moving and peeping altogether!! Should I do something??? He's tried so hard, it's been about 32 hours!

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