Chick scared me - can my Cutter bug spray cause dizzy reaction

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May 2, 2010
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My Coop
in 11 day old chicks? I have been holding them several times each day to tame them. I put them on my tummy and they fall asleep but tonight I used Cutter mosquito spray and about 2 hours later went to hold the chicks. The first one didn't seem to react but she did hunker down to sleep but the second one seemed like she was dizzy and when I put her back in the brooder she actually rolled over. She did recover quickly. When i next went to check on the chicks they were all setting and did not get up and run around as usual but when I put my hand in the brooder they finally did. Has anyone else noticed a reaction to Cutter spray? I haven't seen it with Off.
Cutters has a good amount of deet in it. Personally, I'd avoid using it especially around chicks just like any other chemicals/poisons. Hopefully your chicks recovered, moving them into fresh air will help. Good luck.

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