Chick shipping Q--called my post office?


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They just said that usually there's the number on there and they just call whenever they get them---ok, yeah. I guess I'm just paranoid but I'm SO nervous to not get them RIGHT when they get here!? I've read on here too that some people get calls in the middle of the night? I asked about that and if it would be at ANY time that they'd call and the lady I talked to said it wouldn't be in the dead of the night...? Then said that they could deliver them in my postal carrier's car but i absolutely don't want in case were last on her route and told them that but i assume they'd ask that when they called to let me know they were here, right? ACK--I know it's not till March 8th and heck my babies aren't even near hatch yet and I'm alREADY worrying about them! LOL Thanks for any help! I live between Tampa and Orlando (2 big cities) but assuming my little po-dunk postal office is the one it will go to? Were a smaller farming community, I'm trusting they've done this before?
I am sure they have done it before. They do call when they get them. The phone number will be on the box. Usually they do take them to the local post office unless you request that they be sent to the central post office where they get their mail from. I have never heard of someone getting called in the middle of the night. DO NOT have them deliver in the cariers car! I really wish they would just make it a rule that they do not do that!
Thanks so much! She acted like, "Lady, this is no big stink...we got this!" lol but here I am bitting my nails on the other side. What can I say...I'm a mommy! It sounded like when they called it was an "option" to have them delivered but she did recommend picking them up so hopefully that's all it is but it really did sound like she was pushing p-up there too so *crossing fingers*--thks again for your quick response!
I am always glad to help. I have so many customers who are franticly worried just like your story. There is nothing to worry about. It is such a small percentage of the time that problems happen.
What I would do is check out where they are coming from....what I mean is In my area there are a couple post offices. I called to find out which one my mail comes directly from. I then spoke to the folks there to find out the route the birds would take.

So basically I know they come from Harrisburg to my local PO directly without taking any side trips. I also found out that in my town there is a "shipping" warehouse where the carriers go to get the mail for their routes which is a totally different building than my actual PO. It 's those folks who receive my order and those folks whom I called to p/u the chicks specifically so they wouldn't be int eh mail carrier's car all day.

Maybe you could call and find out where the mail D.C. for your mail is and if the mail gets detoured anywhere along the way. Your mail probably goes to Tampa or Orlando first. Then gets subdivided to the local offices. If you office is small enough they may even go to a smaller D.C. and get divided again. You may be able to pick them up there.

Most PO workers are very helpful when they are knowingly getting live animals shipped in to them. If you don't think you are getting a good response form the PO it's probably because the order isn't expected for a while yet. I'd get back to them when it's closer to the delivery date and things are for sure on schedule.

Good luck!
If your PO serves a rural farming community, they probably see chicks pretty often. My PO is rural, and it's not unusual for them. I know it's nerve racking to wait for them. I don't feel comfortable until they're in my possession. I've heard about calls in the middle of the night, but since you're rural, they'll probably go to a main branch before they go to your PO. Our PO has a guy who drives to St. Louis (our main PO, about an hour away) at about 4 AM to pick up the mail. He gets back to our PO around 7 AM, and they call me soon after that.
I just got mine through the mail for the first time this week. I was on pins and needles also.
My chicks were delivered to the central post office. I did get a call in the middle of the night (I think it depends on who's working that night)
I think that even more now they are seeing more chicks in the mail than in times past. They probably do have a lot of experience.
The hatchery that I used put both my cell and home phone # on the box so they for sure knew how to contact me.
Trust your rural PO
I'm actually having mine sent to a PO box near my workplace (out in the middle of nowhere) rather than to my home PO (county seat) for just that reason.

That and the people at our little PO are cool, and I know them, and mail that's gone to my PO Box regularly turns up in my office via coworker since everyone knows everyone else here XD
I have always dropped a note off at my local PO a day or two before I expect a chick order to arrive with my home and cell phone number and instructions to call me as soon as the chicks come in. They always have, typically about six in the morning or thereabouts. I pick them up before they open and they are always glad to see me!

I went to my PO last week and let them know I was getting chicks shipped to me. They made sure they had both my house and cell phone numbers on hand to call me when they got there. I received a call yesterday at 7am and today at 7am to pick up both shipments of chicks. The first one shipped Monday from MPC and second on Tuesday from Ideal. Not one baby DOA and they're all thriving!!! As long as you contact your PO, you should be fine. Mine won't send chicks out with the carriers... they will keep the chicks in the building until the owner picks them up!

Good luck with your babies!

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