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    Jun 13, 2017
    please help. I got 16 chicks 1.5 weeks ago. One died overnight the first night. I think that was just from the stress of moving. Now today when I got home, one of the babies was gasping for air. I tried to help her but didn't know what to do. After about 2 minutes, she died in my hand. What could have happened??
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    I hate when these things happen. Just so you know, baby chicks are suppost to be inside your house with a heat lamp. If your chickens were outside, that would have been why. It's okay if you use a turtle lamp for chickens, that's what we used on our four babies. Another reason could be that you bought them when they were sick, or the store you bought them from didn't have good chickens.
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    Mar 26, 2017
    Oh, and remember to give them a sweet funeral instead of throwing them in the trash. I think that would show them that you really care about them.
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    Welcome to BYC @Krystal1988 sorry you are having troubles.
    More info is needed if you really want help.
    What is your brooder and heat source like?
    Pics would help.
    What are you feeding?
    Any bloody poops?
    What kind of bedding?
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    Hi @Krystal1988 :frow Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Can you post some photos of your brooder setup and chicks?
    How much space do you have and how warm is your brooder?
    What are you feeding?

    There's so many things that can go wrong with chicks, it can be hard to pinpoint at times.

    Provide your chicks with plenty of space in the brooder. See that they have ventilation and that there is only one warm spot for them, let the rest of your brooder be cool. Keep the water and feed on the cool end of your brooder.

    Offer some poultry vitamins in their water, make fresh chick starter available and offer chick grit free choice.

    There are many ways to brood chicks - some do brood indoors while others brood directly in the coop and outdoors (even in winter). Providing adequate space, a secure sheltered area with a source of heat and fresh food/water is usually all that is needed. Heat lamps are a popular source of heat, but I have found that using a heating pad works well and is a bit less dangerous.

    Let us know how they are doing.

    Here's a thread about using a heating pad system:
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