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    Mar 26, 2011
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    We've got quite a smorgasbord of ages going on in the coop right now with the youngest right around 12 weeks. We went a little crazy when the feed store had chick starter (unmedicated) on sale and we're doing our best to get it used up, unfortunately, there's about 50lbs left. Now we have Red Comets pullets hitting the 16 weeks mark and I'm wondering if we should just quit feeding the chick starter and go with a grower instead or if the chick starter is okay to keep feeding. I have a bowl of oyster shell out there as well, although it seems no one is even picking at it, and that may not be necessary either, and it can easily be removed. So I guess my question is, chick starter okay? or should I go to a grower? or would it be safe to put the whole clan on layer?

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    I'd just keep them on the chick starter and make sure you always keep the oyster shells free choice. Sure woudn't waste the feed!! [​IMG]
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    I have roosters so will not be feeding layer. I'm going to feed game bird and keep oyster shell. Mine are 16 weeks and have started keeping shell in the coop and everyone has sampled it. I suppose only the hens will eat much of it.
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    Aug 20, 2010
    I would feed a "grower" or "finisher" food. Game bird is too high in protein. Our grower is 18% protein, Game bird is usually 28%.
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    I've asked the feed companies the same question, and the consensus is that the unmedicated chick starter is fine for layers, if you give them extra calcium (i.e. Oyster Shell). So go ahead and use up the bag, and don't be concerned!

    Happy Egg collecting!!

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    Mar 9, 2010
    Quote:i have a good-sized flock of mixed age birds - 1 year to 8 mos to 4 mos. i did pretty much the same thing after i combined flocks a couple of months ago - continued to feed the starter/grower ration to the whole flock and offer oyster shell to the big birds that were already laying. i figured that the extra protein that the hens got wouldn't be that bad on them if it was short duration. now that some of the younger ones are starting to lay sporadically, and i'm out of starter/grower ration, i'm switching the whole flock over to lay ration.

    good luck.
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    I'm feeding blue seal game bird grower and it's 22% but they also freerang and I feed oatmeal and other NON protein stuff so I'm thinking I'll be good. Your thought? There is a game bird that is only 15 from TSC. Well Not enough I think.
  8. Chris09

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    Quote:Depends of the type of game bird feed and the breed of chicken you are referring to.
    One of the feeds I feed (Kent High Flyer) has a;
    Starter feed - 28% protein
    Grower feed - 22% protein
    Breeder feed - 17% protein
    Maintenance feed - 16% protein

    I have feed a 22% grower from hatch to way past "laying age" with no ill-affects.

    * Side note Kent , Evergreen and Blue Seal are all sister companies *

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Z town NC
    Thanks Chris. I was thinkin all was well with the free ranging and extras! Im feediing the grower, at 22%. But when you add the extra with little to no protein I;m good.
    oh yeah I have Barred Rocks.
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