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    I have a 5 day old chick. When it was hatched I watched as the hen (who had 3 other chicks running around) who was teaching her three chicks to scratch, send the newly hatched chick flying across the pen......I was horrified. I took the chick from her however, the chick is unable to stand properly. It is eating, drinking, and floundering around and seems to use its wings for support. I have gently felt its feet and they seem to respond but mostly remain curled in a deformed manner beneath the chick. I have googled and I have read ''splayed legs''. I have also read some of the posts which suggest ''culling''. That is not an option as I am determined to help this little chick. I have segregated the little chick but I am quite concerned on how to assist he/she. I have also noted that his/her wing feathers seem to be almost ''wearing out''. I have read that perhaps I need to give it vitamins. I do have it on chick starter but will need to check to see if it is medicated. I have also read to give it probiotic yogurt. Please I need some advice and words of wisdom.
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    the curled toes are genetics, a nutritional deficiency or from remaining too long in the egg. Give chick 1 drop only by mouth f Bovidr Labs Poultry Nutri-Drench to combat possible nutritional deficiency. Put in water for next 2 weeks. Water should look like very weak tea. May be too old for toe splints. Ask Blooie, or lazy gardner or azygous for help. I have to go to work or I would. If genetic, no help but to cull. Hen is refusing chick because she knows it's unworthy. You should too.
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    I think you should reconsider culling

    Good luck

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