Chick w/ splayed legs -updated with picture - update w/ progress

I can help with curled toes. Cut a cardboard square and put that under her foot. Wrap it up in a band-aid to keep it from moving and check every few days to see if its improving. Someone has also mentioned the use of those sticky velcro disks. Stick one on top and one on the bottom of the foot (helps with the more stubborn ones I think)
Most of the time they need fixing, and the sooner the better. A band aid is the best tool I found. I take the band aids sticky flaps and make a cut(cuting each flap ,in long sections,in half down towards the pad)I do this on each side, so it now looks like I have 4 sticky flaps instead of 2. Then i take one side of the b-aid flap and cut the flap in half the other direction to have a short section,do this again to the bottom side,keeping it on the same side you cut .So you will have a b-aid with two long arms on top and bottom sides,and two short arms on the other roll the b-aid in half long ways and stick the short arms to the long arms, the pad will stick together by the exta sticky line around it. You now have a hobble.the pad acts as a brace and you wrap each flap arm around the leg of the chick,the short flap keeps the band aid from sticking to the leg so it can slide around,the long arm wraps around leg and connects back to b-aid.Space the hobble so the legs are in line with each sholder. In young chicks they normally only need it for a few days,older ones longer.As for the crooked toes you'll need duck tape and stiff thin cardboard or papper to make a shoe. Cut papper in a small square a little bigger then longest toe and little wider then foot. Place foot on board splaying toes into place. cut off a pieace of duct tape and put on top of toes, pressing around each to hold them in position.Cut off excess. I often put a small pieace of vet wrap on bottom of shoe to give it grip. hope it helps:frow
This is a picture of my little one. What do you think?


So crazy legs is totally mad at me, not happy with his leg irons either. You should hear him scream when he picks at his own toes. Not the brightest bulb, but still cute.

Wish me luck. I wound up using a combination of soft stretchy gauze and medical tape so it pulls his legs in somewhat without the risk of binding him too tightly and cutting off circulation.

How long do they need to stay on?

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