Chick with a crop like a balloon.

May 24, 2017
I have a 6 day old Barnevelder with a crop that feels like an over inflated balloon. It looked big last night and I figured she was just filling up for bed. It was still distended tonight so I tried turning her over and gently massaging it toward the beak and nothing came out. It feels like air, not food. She is completely active, she's been eating and drinking no problem. This is my first time with chicks so maybe I'm just overreacting. If anyone has any ideas I open to suggestions.
You could very gently take a needle and poke 2-3 holes in her skin, then press down, if there is a hissing sound, don't panic, this is just the air passing out of the holes, keep pressing until the air seems to be gone, maybe give her antibiotics, usually that means she cut herself somehow, you might need to keep doing this for a few days until it stops filling with air
Thanks for the direction, my phone won't post a picture, but compared to what I found on google it looks like a ruptured air sac. Does it need to be a surgical needle or will a sanitized sewing pin work?
I appreciate the link. I'm going for it. I have no antibiotics though. Is there something special I should get or would some veterican or neosporan do the trick?
I think either of those would be fine. If the needle is clean/sterile you will likely not have an issue. It's a tiny hole. Clean the skin where you are going to prick it with some iodine or chlorhexidine if you have it. You may have to repeat treatment if air leaks again until the tear in the air sac has time to heal. Antibiotics are usually only indicated if the rupture is caused by infection or if surgical repair is necessary due to a large tear. In a 6 day old chick I would be more likely to suspect injury, and hopefully it is small. Just check the area for any signs of infection for a few days to be safe. Best of luck.

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