Chick with broken/dislocated leg? Pictures included!


5 Years
Nov 13, 2014
Hi! I really need some advice about our chick! She is about a month old and we guess she is a Black Sex Link (but she came from Rural King so she could be anything!) :p

Tonight I noticed that she was laying in the brooder with her leg strait out behind her and struggling to move around. She acts fine (eating, drinking, BM), except for mobility. I separated her from the other chicks because they were running her over and put her with the bantam chicks since they are smaller. I don't know when this happened, or how, but I'm guessing sometime today. I have a suspicion that someone stepped on her leg, but everyone denies it. I feel so terrible about this!:(

I've included pictures; it's her left foot that is broken. However, one of her right toes seems broken, too. Is it?

Could it be a splayed leg? I thought chicks hatched with that, but could she have developed it over time? Or is it broken? And what can I do to help her? We do not have any avian vets in the area. Any help would be VERY appreciated! Thank you
To me, it looks like she may have had a leg bone deformity, and her hock tendon could have ruptured, which is common as an affected chick grows. It can be on one leg or both. Google leg bone deformities in poultry, and look for varus valgus deformity.
Also possible could be an injury. Less likely at this age would be Mareks disease. I would provide chick vitamins that include riboflavin, rest in a dog crate near food and water. Think about a chicken sling—Google for pictures. Sorry about your chick.
Thank you so much for your advice! :) I'll look into that and will try the vitamins and sling!

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