Chick with curley toes and one leg behind it.

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    I have one chick that has curley toes. looked on here, found the pic to fix it. did so. now the left leg is behind it all the time. tried looking on here, but found no information (probably because if it has a name, i dont know what it is) so i used a bandaid and did the legs like you would for spraddle leg. the problem is, it can still get it's leg behind it.

    should i make the space between the legs shorter? (had it the length of the white part of the bandaid like it said). I go in there about every 1/2 hour or so to give it a drink. it's not trying to eat yet, but i think that's cause it cant sit up. (i dont have the water in with it...if it fell in it would never get out.)

    any suggestions? i'd really hate to put it down without trying.

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    It sounds mean but try taping it's feet to a heavy piece of card board, so it can't fall forward or backward. Place feed and a small bottle cap of water within reach. Let it sit like that and see if the legs straighten and stay in the correct position. It's worked for me before.
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    I would add vitamins to the water, sounding like rickets...

    do splint the toes, try feeding some crumbled hardboiled egg yolk , for extra protein.
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    Hate to say this but sounds like Mareks

    A vitamin A deficiency can cause the curley toes for sure ,Like Zoey said add some water sol vitamins. but the way the leg keeps going out behind it sounds like mareks. Hopefully a mild case.

    Funny most chick feeds today are a balanced ration.
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    Quote:Can you place a link to the photo you saw? I am researching the same thing. Thanks!
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    It's to young for Marek's. If it's a day old chick it should be pretty much disease free as most aren't passed through the egg.
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    Cull it! I don't mean to be rude but i have done this 2x. It doesn't work! The splints don't correct it properly, it's a nightmare, fustrating to no end and just doesn't work! I had to cull both times, they are so stressed from the splints they don't do well. Trust me Robyn, you know i am such a sissy when culling but you'll have to do it in the end anyway.

    If you do splint, do spraddle leg first and when that is fixed do the feet. They get this way when helped hatching, to late a hatch and just incubating issues.

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