Chick with dead? leg?!


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6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
I had 1 chick out of 4 with what looked to be sprattle leg. I treated it for that and one leg is straight but the other is out to the side and he/she doesn't use it at all. Anything I can do?
My chicks like to do this too...What I do is I take a band aid, and wrap each sticky part around each leg. Don't let the 2 opposite sticky parts stick together though! Then your chick wont be able to walk.
I did exactly this from the day it was born and it is over 2 weeks old now and only one leg corrected but the other leg is still like this. It's like the leg is no good and there is no fixing it. Not sure where to go from here. I feel bad because it can barely walk or get around.
Huh, thats pretty strange. I would try streching the leg out for her. Not too far though, you don't want to dislocate it.
The leg is stretched out to the side and slightly behind so she only hops and can barely get around. I can try and get a pic maybe because it is hard to explain. It seams like it is not responding at all and she won't be able to use it later when she is bigger and won't be able to get around.
I had a baby duck that had an issue with his leg. He stopped using it and his foot looked shrivelled up. He was about 3 days old when this started to happen. I gave him infant Poly Vi Sol without iron vitamins, and in a few days he was better. He is now 3 years old and no issues. I would search that on this forum and see what it says about chickens.

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