Chick With Gray Eyeball, Lethargic

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    going to a vet around here really isnt an option either but for different reasons it's farm country all the vet does for chickens here is comes for a "farm" visit so they can clear you to get any needed meds like antibiotics. Beyond that it's up to you to cull or heal on your own. Id probably have to drive 4 or so hours to find a bird specialist for anything like this and frankly I couldn't afford it. I would just keep the anti biotic ointment and drops a few times a day and pray for improvement or at least a settling down of the problem. If it was clear the chick was incapable or unwilling to try to survive or if it could not do so without constant pain I'd tearfully erthanize (and have) But I would definitely step up the topical antibiotic regimine. I'd save the oral or injected antibiotics for if there may be a simple surgical remedy and then give that just before and again after. This advice is freely given and probably worth about half what it cost.
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