Chick with possible issue from umibilical cord?

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    So one of our chicks was just about unzipped when I headed to bed last night around 11, and hubby said it was out when he came to bed. This morning around 10, I removed him from the incubator to go into the brooder with his buddies and noticed that he had a red/swollen looking area. At first I thought prolapsed vent (but in a chick?) then I saw that it wasn't his vent. It's below and slightly to the left of his vent, and I got to thinking is this left from his umbilical cord or are part of his intestines out or something. My initial thought is that it's a umbilical cord stump, but I've never seen that with a chick. I called hubby, and he said "is that his balls?" [​IMG] Obviously he wasn't any help. I've tried getting pictures though by myself it wasn't easy. It's red and a little inflamed looking with dried blood in a few spots, but other than that he's starting to fluff up and move about. Also, he doesn't seem to mind if I touch it, and I don't want to mess with it or anything, just wondering if he's going to be a cull and if I should keep him separated from the others? What do you think?
    I have done some searching in the forums and found a few articles that look a little similar but not quiet like this.
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    heres my umbilical cord issue from a while back, leave it be and it should dry up and fall off, once it dries leave it aloe and let it fall off on its own, if you mess with it itll end up looking like my post down below., and i had to deal with that when i had been keeping chickens for all of one week, thank god for this site otherwise im not sure what i wouldve done.

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