Chick With Slipped Tendon(Perosis)


8 Years
Oct 8, 2014
Central Texas
I've got a four week old chick that has Perosis, or a slipped tendon in one leg. At two weeks, I noticed she was holding her leg out at a 90 degree angle from where it should be. I didn't know why, and by the time I found a remedy to fix it, it was too late. She now holds her leg out so that her foot is facing a complete 180 from where it should be. She's eating and drinking well, and doesn't seem to have any swelling or pain, but moving around is a chore for her. Will she have any quality of life, or will she just suffer?

I've never had to cull a chick before, and though I've already researched culling methods and have decided I will use the motor oil method that essentially makes them fall asleep and never wake up again, I would prefer to not have to cull. I was hoping her condition wouldn't get worse, but unfortunately it has, and I'm unsure if it's reached the point where not culling her would be cruel.
I know a chicken lover with a flock of newish chicks, one of which had injured it's leg while in a box at an auction. They wrapped the leg in attempt to fix it but a few weeks ago it did exactly what you described. Now their chick is happy and hops around with all of the other chicks. As long as the chick is in no pain I see no reason to cull it. She might need some accommodations set in but as long as you're willing to put in the work she can live a happy life.
There are a lot of different leg problems including slipped tendon, varus valgus deformity, twisted legs, and tibial dyschondroplasia. Many can look similar, be on one or both sides, and most don't respond to any treatment. However, I would agree that with some extra care, and maybe in a small group, the chicken can survive, and have a decent life. Here are some links to read:

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