Chick with Sour Crop and Prolapsed Vent - UPDATE: GOOGLE HELPED ME HELP MYSELF!!!


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I have a chick (hatched this Easter) with a giant crop. Feels like it's filled with air. I first noticed it was a little bigger a week or two ago, but he was acting fine so I didn't give it much thought, just added a little ac vinegar in the water and let it go. Well, it's bigger now. Very distended and he seems to be having a hard time. He's slower, not eating and drinking very much, developed pasty butt. What can I do? He's the only white one I managed to hatch and I don't want to lose him! Please help me!

UPDATE: Figured out it was sour crop. I have vomited (ew ew ew) the chick twice now. It was repulsive and tons of crud came out immediately. Now he is in hospital with only water and yogurt.

SECOND PROBLEM DETECTED: I also thought the chick has pasty butt, but upon trying to clean it, it appears his/her anus is poking out/prolapsed! Its the size of a large pea, very red, very swollen, looks like it's hard for him to defecate. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!????? I tried to clean it, but it is very crusted. I tried to push it in but the chick protested and I got scared and stopped. please help me!
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Ok now I noticed this chick also has what looks like a prolapsed vent
Someone please help me! What do I do?
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Chick is still on yog and water. Tried my best to clean her bottom. Soaked it in warm water for 10-15 min. Rubbed (gently) as much crud off as possible. Swabbed the area with hemmrhoid swabs and coated it with sugar to try and reduce swelling. added a little oil to yogurt in an attempt to lubricate her crop.
So here was the issue I had with the prolapsed vent. It had this hard scab looking thing on it and was bleeding and swollen and dirty. It took lots of time and boredom (holding a chicken in water for 20 min is boring) but I got most of the scab off though! After the hemorrhoid meds and sugar had been on a couple hours (I carried the chick wrapped in a towel and stuck in my...uh, shirt. so the sugar would stay on his bum. He slept the whole time cause it was warm
) I took the hemorrhoid swab, swabbed the protrusion again and then pushed on it (with the swab, it's just a giant q-tip with hemorrhoid meds on it), fairly firmly, AND IT WENT IN! Pop! just like that!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!
I am praying to all things sacred that it STAYS PUT!

VENT RECAP: Wash (10-15 min), antibiotic cream, sugar. Time passes. Wash, soak (20 min or more), scrub, hemorrhoid meds, sugar, restrict movement. Time passes. Hemorrhoid meds, poke it with cotton swab until it pops in, SUCCESS(hopefully)!

Now if I can just get the crop back to normal! It's looking better but still not normal.

CROP TREATMENT SO FAR: Remove chick to isolation hospital, turn chick upside down and massage crop to induce vomiting. Ew. Give water - make sure he drinks, if not- manually help him drink with medicine dropper. Give keifer with a few pieces of greasy scrambled eggs for food. Time passes. Vomit chick again. Ew. Really make sure you get it all out. Give water and yogurt with coconut oil. Time passes. Vomit chick again. Almost no grain coming out, just a little. Mostly water - good! Still Ew. Give water with raw apple cider vinegar and yogurt with safflower oil. Go to sleep because it's some ungodly time of night.

Will check on chick in morning. I need sleep!
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