Chick won't hold head up!!! HELP!


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
SE Tennessee
This particular chick hatched out yesterday and seemed fine. This afternoon I found him in the brooder stuck on his back. At first I just thought his equilibrium was a little off from being stuck upside down, but after holding him upright for about an hour he still wants to tuck his head up under his belly. He can hold his head up on his own and will if I get him distracted pecking at chick starter, but as soon as he looses interest, his head is back tucked between his legs. He will even walk around like that.

I gave him vitamin E about a half hour ago but I figure it is still too early to see any improvement.

Any other ideas?

Is he drinking? that's what I'd concentrate on first - just dipping his beak in a little water laced with karo, or with oatmeal ground so fine that it's a powder. The mixture should be mostly water and the consistency of water - just with dissolved nutrients in it. You can even make a little water/egg yolk mixture.

He won't be able to eat pellets yet - he's too weak. Give him some fuel.

Dip his beak or put a drop of water on the end of his beak with his head down. He's going to need more before he can stand up.
What type of chick is it? Do a search on wry neck on this thread. You may want to try some polyvisol (without iron), 3 drops a day, on the tip of the beak. Also, i thought i read somewhere that vitamin E has to be given with selenium to be metabolized.
Sorry... went back and read my post again... left some info out. I have been dipping his beak but just in plain water. Thanks, I will try either the karo or the yolk... (have to go look in the pantry to see if I have karo.)

He is standing and stays standing. He is walking around just like the other chicks, just with his head tucked between his legs. I have him isolated from them just in case it might be disease, though I doubt it. I have no new additions and these are all eggs from my girls, hatched in the bator.

He is a feather footed mutt. I will do a search on wry neck (would have before but I couldn't remember what it was called.)

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