Chick won't stand up properly, walking on hocks - how can I help?


10 Years
Apr 11, 2009
One of my chicks hatched out stickier than I've ever seen, and then the liquid dried rock hard on him sticking a piece of eggshell to his backside and gluing one leg to his body, so obviously he couldn't stand up properly.
When I was able to retrieve him from the incubator I gave him a wipe down in very warm water, managed to unstick the leg and get the eggshell off, gave him a rub and little blowdry with a hairdryer and put him back in to warm up.
When he was warm I bandaided his now spraddled legs together. Six hours later I put him in the brooder because I needed to get the incubator back for duck eggs and because the wire floor was making his hocks sore.
24 hours later he's still not standing properly. I just cut the band aid apart to see if his legs were in a better position, and they are, but he stil hobbles around on his hocks, refusing to pull his body up properly, or to straighten his legs.
If I put my hand under his breast he will hobble along in a more natural position, but will flop back when I remove it.
He is a really feisty little character so I don't want to cull him if there is something that can be done physiotherapy-wise.
Any suggestions?

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