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8 Years
May 13, 2011
New Jersey
Hi everyone...I'm new to raising chickens. I have a question regarding coop placement and wells. I've read that the coop should be at least 50 feet from the well. I had a newly dug well that is 100 ft deep would that still apply?
:confused:And could chicken manure ever be used for Compost in a vegetable garden? Thanks for any info:confused:
I was told to just add the manure to the compost pile, of course you would have to have a pile to add it to! Also have no idea about wells, sorry.
In my County, when I built our house, the Public Health code states that a well whose water is used for human consumtion has to be 100' from any animal housing or pen and 100 ' from a stream.
Thanks, we are in New Jersey and plan to close the well next year to convert to city they say 50 ft. Although my well will be sealed in a year, I do have a neighbor that use their well. I want to be a good neighbor, and thought to build my coop closer to our well since it would be sealed.
There are sort of two separate issues here. One is conforming to laws/bylaws; the other is the odds of real-world effects.

As far as conforming to laws/bylaws, well, you look it up and there ya go

As far as the realities of the situation: it doesn't really depend on how deep your well is so much as it depends on how correct and intact the well casing and top are. In theory a newish well should be in good shape. In reality, not always. Moreso for older wells. And of course if you KNOW that you have an older well with a *poor* casing, or none in the case of shallow dug wells, then that would definitely be even more of an issue.

On the one hand, if you only have a very few chickens and they are kept in sanitary conditions and you don't have any awful flooding/runoff/mud issues, the risk of problems near an intact well casing is probably vanishingly low. OTOH, if there IS a problem, it doesn't necessarily ONLY affect your own well, it can affect neighboring wells that tap into the same aquifer.

As far as putting chicken manure or coop cleanings on the garden -- sure! For most plants, you want to compost it for at least several months just so it won't "burn" the plants, although if you are a very experienced gardener you may be able to make some reasonable bets on some particular restricted uses of fresh manure. There is a potential issue of contamination of veggies (that you eat) with splash from manure or compost containing food-poisoning type bacteria from the chicken poo (salmonella, campylobacter, pathogenic E coli strains, etc) so it is generally recommended (indeed required, for Certified Organic operations) that you hot-compost all manure for at least 2-3 months before applying to any food-crop gardens. But if this is just for your own use, it's up to your own tastes and preferences, and certainly there are a lot of people who take a middle ground about trying to keep fresh-ish poo away from some crops (e.g. lettuce) but use it on others (e.g. corn)

Good luck, have fun,

Thanks so much Pat! Our home was new construction, the well is a long pvc tube that goes into the ground and comes out of the ground 2' with a sealed cap. Because we have high iron here in the water, they dug deep. My house sits very high up on a hill so there's never any flooding issues..but run off to the back yard which is lower than the well....(more effort into watering the grass) I will be spot cleaning the everyday and do a thorough cleaning once a week..don't want to offend the neighbors!
great news for the veggie garden...thank you so much for your help Ladies!
Wow. The well is something I didn't even consider. Right now the coop, which is portable, is about 10' from the 20+ year old well. The compost pile too! darn.

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