In the Brooder
Sep 4, 2015
Nova Scotia
This is probably very boring to read, but I gave my meat king pet hen, Coconut, a much needed bath the other hot day, in a low rubber horse feed tub, and she loved it. She had a very dirty rear end (despite having a very clean coop). She sat there quietly and only flapped her wings once when she first went in. I didn't use much soap as I wasn't sure how it would go during the 'rinse cycle' quietly she would sit there during the process...but just getting water on her underside/bum helped alot. She felt so much better afterwards. That dear hen even just sat there in the 'rinse' water tub when I left her for a second to get a towel. (The water of course was only a few inches deep). After this experience, she was more comfortable with me scratching her around her neck and head...couldn't believe it. She is a dear hen and I honestly think she truly appreciated the bath. ****...I LOVE that hen. Wish I had gotten a photo of her sitting in the water. : )
Enjoyed your post about Coconut's first bath! Sounds like she enjoyed her time in the tub!
Me too...being a meat king she is definately on borrowed time. Every time she gets a tad 'off' I think, is this it? She has brought such joy to my life. : )

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