Chicken being pecked on her head

Farmer jr

Sep 22, 2018
Mercer PA
I have a chicken that is being pecked on her comb and behind it when I got home from the store today I saw her tangled up in some string and bleeding from her comb this is the same chicken that broke her toe she is a lot better no swelling in her toe but I don't know how to keep the other chickens from pecking on her any suggestions
this is her comb today they tore a huge piece of skin off I have seven chickens that are beating her up


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The bottom picture is the set up I have for them I put the seven chickens in the back and put her in the front their wings are clipped
Do you have a rooster?

If she is getting beat up separate her in a cage within the site of the flock. You need to evaluate her to make sure she's not sick.
Check her crop to see that it's empty in the morning, look her over for lice/mites, feel her abdomen for any bloat/fluid and get a fecal float to check for worms.

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